Walkingstick levels charges on investigation delay

by Howard Applegate

Sheriff by ThreadedThoughts

by: ThreadedThoughts (flickr), license: cc-by

City Councilor, Willie Walkingstick believes the delay in the LaFontaine murder investigation is deliberate, and at a press conference today, he leveled charges against Sheriff Tony Sweet and Vernon Van Bibber, one of Germaine’s leading citizens.

“It’s been three months since the FBI agreed to look into the LaFontaine case,” Walkingstick said, “and no agent has yet been assigned.”

When asked why he believes Sweet and Van Bibber are responsible, Walkingstick cited an unnamed source within the Sheriff’s Office. He also pointed out that both Sweet and Van Bibber have previous close relationships with the Bend office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“Vernon Van Bibber is overly protective of this town,” said Walkingstick. “There is no doubt in my mind that he would like to delay this case until it just goes away. I’m not going to let that happen.”

Sweet and Van Bibber both flatly denied influencing the FBI to delay investigation into the 50-year-old murder. “Walkingstick has a hair up his butt,” said Sheriff Sweet. “He’s a disgrace to the city.”

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