Sheep drop dead from the heat

by Howard Applegate


by: CharrisS (flickr), license: cc-by

With temperatures over the 100 degree mark in Central Oregon, a few local farmers are reporting sheep deaths caused by the heat. Teacher and sheep farmer, Ed Plum, found four of his young sheep dead in the field. One was his daughter Chrissy’s 4H lamb she had planned to show in the fair this year.

The deaths should serve as a warning to all of the dangers of Mother Nature. Make sure your livestock have plenty and water and shelter from the sun.

But don’t think that livestock safety is all there is to it. Germainers also need to drink plenty of water on days like these, and stay in an cool place if you can. Older people are especially vulnerable, and if you have a grandparent or elderly relative or neighbor, be sure to check in on them.

Arratola’s General Store is giving out free lemonade this week. “Don’t walk a mile to get it,” said John Arratola, “but if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and cool off. We got a real good deal on lamb cutlets this week.”

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