The Stars Over Germaine for November

In general, the stars over Germaine are ingratiating.
(March 21-April 20)

The best time for realizing your positive potential is in times like these when everything is in that little wicker basket bumping down the road toward the flaming pits of hell. You have been working on that farm, how long? Has there been a time you can remember when the promises he made in Spring really bore fruit in Fall? You’ve been stomping out to that field in the dark when even the stars are brittle with cold, for two weeks now and everyday you think about places you could be that are warm. Inside with your hands around a warm cup of coffee would be a good start. Time to take a deep breath. Look around, look inside, reassess your options, but wait until January to act.

(April 21-May 20)

You will make great strides toward mastering feelings of resentment you’ve been nurturing every since your sister won the spelling bee in 5th grade and got to name the dog. At last you can let go, embrace her, even if she can’t remember your name. It could be you in that convalescent home learning how to talk again. It’s just the luck of the draw. Your new-found sense of stability and security will bring you favorable attention.

(May 21-June 20)

No fool you. Your marriage continues to benefit you both financially and socially. It will also impact your ability to negotiate successfully and win in court. Your suit against the manufacturer of your implant will be settled in your favor. This will lead to you becoming something of a celeb and all sorts of people will be stopping you on the street to ask your advise. When Saturn enters your 4th house things get dicey at home. Your new-found status creates friction. Time to put the ego on the shelf and dust off your humility.

(June 21-July 22)

You are shining right now. Everyone wants to hire you. They are so pleased with the progress you have made. You will to let go of all the negative relationships in your life even though one of them is very attractive. Be sure to run the wheel hard in the first half of the month because your energy drops on the 15th when Mars goes retrograde. You’ll want to take it slow and easy then. Keep in mind that slow and steady is not equal to sitting on your butt, and yelling encouragement at contestants on some game show is not exercise.

(July 23-Aug. 22)

Saturn is in Virgo. You know what that means. You’ll start taking your mental closet apart with a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. Be sure there isn’t too much light. You wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your brain. This would be a good time to pick up origami again and there is a bonus in it if you manage to connect with your feelings.

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You’ve finally turned a corner and are ready to humble yourself and listen to the advise of others. Heeding the experience of your grandmother when she tells you about how she came to be such a wise old bird will be a key to success for you this coming year. The new bookkeeping system you intended to install on your computer will not be available for another month and this will create some problems for you. Be patient, this is no time to spend money on something else.

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

I don’t recommend the means, but the ends will work for you this month. You will find that your children are much more interesting than you thought and will get down and spend some quality time with that three year-old. You will start a new job within ten miles of home. This should be looked upon as a temporary situation and one youâ’ll want to leave at the first available moment. the best time for getting what you want is after the 8th of the month and before the 26th.

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

It wasn’t as good an idea as you thought, investing in sub-prime mortgage loans. You’ve only yourself to blame for it. My only advise to you right now is to quit spending money and start investing in something real like your family. Talk about payoff!

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

We have noticed how you’ve changed. You are taller, for one, but it’s not just that. I think it is the style you’ve got now. Ever since you got back from France there has been an aura around you that says you are no ordinary person. Could have been the affair with M. Or the one with V. Or the night you spent in Avignon listening to a howling that might have been a far off engine or might have been the spirit of a dead pope or only the wind. A thing like that can change you.

(Dec.22-Jan. 19)

Changes are in the wind and in your heart. You’ve been appraising your moral and ethical stock and have found a dark wind tunnel where solid rock should stand. Here’s the thing, getting in touch with your feelings and drinking from the spiritual well requires braving the storm, stepping into the wind even if it rips your face off. Begin by honoring the promises of Spring.

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Time to plan that trip to Delaware you’ve been putting off because you aren’t sure what you will find there. It’s not the end of the earth and it is the perfect place to establish that corporate hall of fame you are always going on about on Tuesday nights at the book club. Look at the big picture. What is life about anyway? Time to enjoy yourself–Dover won’t wait forever.

(Feb. 19-March 20)

New job! You’ll be spending part of your time in Pendleton, but you’ll get per diem and the motel will be paid for entirely. You will narrowly miss a permanent assignment in Hines. The close call will have you examining buried resentments and you will turn to Vishnu for spiritual awakening. Who am I to say it won’t work?

If Your Birthday Is in November

A birthday in November means that you began life when the days were short and the nights long, between the brilliance of autumn leaves and the dark silhouettes of naked trees. A chill in the air presaging the bone shattering absence of heat, the hard frozen waste of winter. You know the sting of the air as second nature and the sting of your tongue, a poisoned arrow from your sheaf of wounds.

Disclaimer: This horoscope is presented for entertainment purposes only. The Germaine Truth does not endorse any particular system of divination.

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