Class of 2007 has left the halls

by Doris Mae Johanssen
    The Class of 2007 has left Old Paiute High School for the last time as stu­dents. “With few excep­tions, this class has been a real joy,” Prin­ci­pal Kar­sof­s­ki said as she stood in the foy­er of Wilbur High after grad­u­a­tion.
    The halls behind her gleamed with a fresh coat of wax and jan­i­tor Ray San­doval swept up dis­card­ed invi­ta­tions and con­fet­ti. “Some of them will break your heart, but some of these young peo­ple are going to real­ly make a dif­fer­ence. I just wish more of them planned to stay here in Ger­maine.”
    Kar­sof­s­ki may have been refer­ring to an infor­mal poll tak­en of the grad­u­ates that revealed few­er than 10% planned to make Ger­maine their per­ma­nent home.
    Vali­dic­to­ri­an, Kel­ly Hawes, raised a few eye­brows when she said, “At this pre­cise moment, thou­sands of stu­dents are grad­u­at­ing from high schools across Amer­i­ca. What we choose to do with our futures, the way we con­duct our­selves, the moral deci­sions we make, will leave a mark upon the world. We don’t have to fail future gen­er­a­tions, my friends and fel­low grad­u­ates, wher­ev­er we go when we leave this gym­na­si­um, we must remem­ber our duty to those who fol­low us. It is not our duty to be qui­es­cent, mind­less drones. It is our duty to speak up, to shout out, to let it be known that this gen­er­a­tion will not tol­er­ate in silent pas­siv­i­ty the abro­ga­tion of our civ­il lib­er­ties and the destruc­tion of our nation.”
    Uncon­firmed, but reli­able sources have told us that this is the speech Becky Arra­to­la planned to deliv­er before she was expelled from school.
    A full list of gradutes appears in the cen­ter­fold of the print­ed edi­tion of The Ger­maine Truth, but will not appear online.

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