Class of 2007 has left the halls

by Doris Mae Johanssen
    The Class of 2007 has left Old Paiute High School for the last time as students. “With few exceptions, this class has been a real joy,” Principal Karsofski said as she stood in the foyer of Wilbur High after graduation.
    The halls behind her gleamed with a fresh coat of wax and janitor Ray Sandoval swept up discarded invitations and confetti. “Some of them will break your heart, but some of these young people are going to really make a difference. I just wish more of them planned to stay here in Germaine.”
    Karsofski may have been referring to an informal poll taken of the graduates that revealed fewer than 10% planned to make Germaine their permanent home.
    Validictorian, Kelly Hawes, raised a few eyebrows when she said, “At this precise moment, thousands of students are graduating from high schools across America. What we choose to do with our futures, the way we conduct ourselves, the moral decisions we make, will leave a mark upon the world. We don’t have to fail future generations, my friends and fellow graduates, wherever we go when we leave this gymnasium, we must remember our duty to those who follow us. It is not our duty to be quiescent, mindless drones. It is our duty to speak up, to shout out, to let it be known that this generation will not tolerate in silent passivity the abrogation of our civil liberties and the destruction of our nation.”
    Unconfirmed, but reliable sources have told us that this is the speech Becky Arratola planned to deliver before she was expelled from school.
    A full list of gradutes appears in the centerfold of the printed edition of The Germaine Truth, but will not appear online.

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