Germaine girl chooses expulsion

by Susie Applegate
    Defiant to the end, Old Paiute High School senior, Becky Arratola, refused to bow to the ultimatum of High School Principal Janet Korsofski that she remove a controversial webpage from the internet. Arratola said she would drop out of school and work toward a Graduate Equivelant Degree (G.E.D.), rather than, “give in to these fascists.”
    The satirical webpage, entitled A History of the Man Project, and Why It Failed, as told by God to Becky Arratola, offended some parents and citizens of Germaine, who demanded the site be removed. Originally posted to the school website, Arratola promptly had friends post the webpage to another site, beyond the school’s control, but this did not deter the angry parents.
    Principle Korsofski said she also would not back down. “This website,” she said, “is inappropriate, and we cannot allow students to defy authority in this manner, unless we want anarchy to prevail.”
    Becky Arratola’s mother, councilwoman Angela Arratola said about her daughter’s statement, “I’m obviously disappointed by Becky’s decision, but it’s her choice. Principle Sarkofski is wrong about this, and I’m proud that my daughter has the strength to stand up for her beliefs.”

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