Germaine girl chooses expulsion

by Susie Apple­gate
    Defi­ant to the end, Old Paiute High School senior, Becky Arra­to­la, refused to bow to the ulti­ma­tum of High School Prin­ci­pal Janet Kor­sof­s­ki that she remove a con­tro­ver­sial web­page from the inter­net. Arra­to­la said she would drop out of school and work toward a Grad­u­ate Equiv­e­lant Degree (G.E.D.), rather than, “give in to these fas­cists.”
    The satir­i­cal web­page, enti­tled A His­to­ry of the Man Project, and Why It Failed, as told by God to Becky Arra­to­la, offend­ed some par­ents and cit­i­zens of Ger­maine, who demand­ed the site be removed. Orig­i­nal­ly post­ed to the school web­site, Arra­to­la prompt­ly had friends post the web­page to anoth­er site, beyond the school’s con­trol, but this did not deter the angry par­ents.
    Prin­ci­ple Kor­sof­s­ki said she also would not back down. “This web­site,” she said, “is inap­pro­pri­ate, and we can­not allow stu­dents to defy author­i­ty in this man­ner, unless we want anar­chy to pre­vail.”
    Becky Arratola’s moth­er, coun­cil­woman Angela Arra­to­la said about her daughter’s state­ment, “I’m obvi­ous­ly dis­ap­point­ed by Becky’s deci­sion, but it’s her choice. Prin­ci­ple Sarkof­s­ki is wrong about this, and I’m proud that my daugh­ter has the strength to stand up for her beliefs.”

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