Big bust in North Wilbur County

by Howard Applegate
    Not all of the snow dusting logging road 5 in the Ochocos has fallen from heaven. Some of the “snow” came from Columbia – South America. Deputy Hinterteil was looking for the missing Double T girls yesterday afternoon, but he found 100 kilos of a “suspicious white substance”, which turned out to be cocaine.
    Hinterteil was headed up log road 5 near an area where the girls had reportedly been seen, when he encountered an older model Ford 1/2 ton pickup coming down the hill faster than what was safe for the conditions. Anyone who has been up on #5 knows that it is primarily a one-way track with turnouts. Hinterteil says that the driver apparantly saw his police vehicle and tried to stop.
    â€œThe camper on the bed started rocking and then it started twisting and the truck hit the shoulder and it just went over on the driver’s side.”
    Hinterteil said that there was debris on the road from a recent windstorm and he had to proceed with some caution toward the wreck. “I was amazed to see the young ladies I was looking for emerge from the passenger side of the truck. They crawled out and ran off into the woods. I thought the driver would be coming out next, but when he didn’t I figured he must be injured or trapped. So I had to let the girls go.”
    When our deputy got to the truck he could see white packages spilling out of the broken walls of the camper. According to an expert we consulted at Old Paiute High School, it was the weight of all that cocaine hidden in the walls of the camper that caused the Ford to lose stability.
    The driver, Mark Shook, was taken to Prineville Memorial Hospital where he was examined for injuries. Doctor Phoebe Hayes said his injuries are minor, cuts and bruises. He was released into the custody of Drug Enforcement Agency officers and taken to Bend.
    The girls are still missing. “I think they were headed for that so-called Cherokee Nation. I’ll find them. It’s only a matter of time. I am a little concerned about their safety. It’s still cold up there at night,” Deputy Hinterteil said.

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