Big bust in North Wilbur County

by Howard Apple­gate
    Not all of the snow dust­ing log­ging road 5 in the Ochocos has fall­en from heav­en. Some of the “snow” came from Colum­bia — South Amer­i­ca. Deputy Hin­terteil was look­ing for the miss­ing Dou­ble T girls yes­ter­day after­noon, but he found 100 kilos of a “suspicious white sub­stance”, which turned out to be cocaine.
    Hin­terteil was head­ed up log road 5 near an area where the girls had report­ed­ly been seen, when he encoun­tered an old­er mod­el Ford 1/2 ton pick­up com­ing down the hill faster than what was safe for the con­di­tions. Any­one who has been up on #5 knows that it is pri­mar­i­ly a one-way track with turnouts. Hin­terteil says that the dri­ver appa­rant­ly saw his police vehi­cle and tried to stop.
    â€œThe camper on the bed start­ed rock­ing and then it start­ed twist­ing and the truck hit the shoul­der and it just went over on the driver’s side.”
    Hin­terteil said that there was debris on the road from a recent wind­storm and he had to pro­ceed with some cau­tion toward the wreck. “I was amazed to see the young ladies I was look­ing for emerge from the pas­sen­ger side of the truck. They crawled out and ran off into the woods. I thought the dri­ver would be com­ing out next, but when he didn’t I fig­ured he must be injured or trapped. So I had to let the girls go.”
    When our deputy got to the truck he could see white pack­ages spilling out of the bro­ken walls of the camper. Accord­ing to an expert we con­sult­ed at Old Paiute High School, it was the weight of all that cocaine hid­den in the walls of the camper that caused the Ford to lose sta­bil­i­ty.
    The dri­ver, Mark Shook, was tak­en to Prineville Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal where he was exam­ined for injuries. Doc­tor Phoebe Hayes said his injuries are minor, cuts and bruis­es. He was released into the cus­tody of Drug Enforce­ment Agency offi­cers and tak­en to Bend.
    The girls are still miss­ing. “I think they were head­ed for that so-called Chero­kee Nation. I’ll find them. It’s only a mat­ter of time. I am a lit­tle con­cerned about their safe­ty. It’s still cold up there at night,” Deputy Hin­terteil said.

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