Bones those of murder victim

by Howard Applegate
    Central Oregon Forensic Laboratory has reported that the human remains found in a north Wilbur County wash, were those of a murder victim. The lab determined that the bones, approximately forty to sixty years old, are those of an African or African-American male, whose body had been subjected to “a considerable amount of trauma,” according to Dr. Alicia Azura, the facilities Chief Medical Examiner.
    The victim’s remains were discovered by a migrant worker employed by McCoy Industries. The worker is no longer in the area, according to Harlan McCoy, and he claims he has no idea how to reach him.
    Speculation in Germaine immediately turned to Charles Sevigny LaFontaine, a WWII veteran who spent time in the area in the late 1940s. Although no evidence of foul play ever surfaced regarding LaFontaine’s sudden disappearance, some Germainites believe LaFontaine was murdered after becoming involved with a local high school girl.
    â€œRumors have been floating around for years,” said City Councillor Willie Walkingstick. “Germaine has a very racist past, and the KKK was active around here back in those days.”
    According to Sheriff Anthony Sweet, a thorough investigation will commence. Sweet cautioned about jumping to conclusions. “We don’t know if this is LaFontaine, or if anyone from Wilbur County is involved,” said Sweet. “It might have been someone traveling through the area, down highway 20. The killer and victim might have been traveling together.”
    According to the crime lab, it will take another week or so before the DNA analysis is finished. A relative of LaFontaine has volunteered to submit a DNA sample for comparison.

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