Wilbur County Patter

by Thel­ma Louise McCoy

You know I can’t reveal my sources, hon­ey, so there’s no use ask­ing.”

    From what I hear there has been anoth­er sight­ing of the Wild­man of the Ochocos. He was seen run­ning prac­ti­cal­ly naked through the woods car­ry­ing a gun­ney sack. Accord­ing to a source close to the mat­ter, he may have been wear­ing a moss loin­cloth and noth­ing else. Kind of cold for that non­sense!
    I see that young Bod­hi Hedrick has got a new style. Hey, he didn’t get it from me. Orange! And a ring in his eye­brow too! Bod­hi, your par­ents have to live in this town too.
    Looks to me like Shu Arling­ton is ren­o­vat­ing his house. He was seen down at the Feed & Seed pick­ing up some lum­ber that came in for him. I’ll find out more when Regi­na comes in next week for a cut and perm. I know she has been want­i­ng a fam­i­ly room.
    A friend reports that Cyn­thia McCoy was seen com­ing out of the Har­ney Coun­ty Cour­t­house in Burns. I hope every­thing is okay out there on the McCoy spread.
    Have you seen that crys­tal neck­lace Daniel­la Arling­ton has been wear­ing about town these days? I hear she got it up there at the Chero­kee Nation where she gets those herbs she likes to brew up that she says are good for the immune sys­tem.
    Saw Lucy Charlebois and Rita Budreau hav­ing lunch at the Ger­maine Cof­fee­house & Cyber Cafe look­ing thick as thieves.
    There is a rumour going around that Chris­tine Brad­ford is vis­it­ing with the McCoys. Now do you think Cynthia’s vis­it to Burns has any­thing to do with Chris­tine being in town?

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