Wilbur County Patter

by Thelma Louise McCoy

“You know I can’t reveal my sources, honey, so there’s no use asking.”

    From what I hear there has been another sighting of the Wildman of the Ochocos. He was seen running practically naked through the woods carrying a gunney sack. According to a source close to the matter, he may have been wearing a moss loincloth and nothing else. Kind of cold for that nonsense!
    I see that young Bodhi Hedrick has got a new style. Hey, he didn’t get it from me. Orange! And a ring in his eyebrow too! Bodhi, your parents have to live in this town too.
    Looks to me like Shu Arlington is renovating his house. He was seen down at the Feed & Seed picking up some lumber that came in for him. I’ll find out more when Regina comes in next week for a cut and perm. I know she has been wanting a family room.
    A friend reports that Cynthia McCoy was seen coming out of the Harney County Courthouse in Burns. I hope everything is okay out there on the McCoy spread.
    Have you seen that crystal necklace Daniella Arlington has been wearing about town these days? I hear she got it up there at the Cherokee Nation where she gets those herbs she likes to brew up that she says are good for the immune system.
    Saw Lucy Charlebois and Rita Budreau having lunch at the Germaine Coffeehouse & Cyber Cafe looking thick as thieves.
    There is a rumour going around that Christine Bradford is visiting with the McCoys. Now do you think Cynthia’s visit to Burns has anything to do with Christine being in town?

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