Germaine and Wilbur County News Briefs

Sweet Charges Dropped
    The Lake County district attorney announced today that drug charges against Germaine resident Zachary Sweet have been dropped.
    Sweet was arrested by Lakeview police last summer on accusations of burglary and theft.
    Sweet was released on bail on condition that he be under strict supervision by his father, Wilbur County Sheriff, Tony Sweet.
    The case has been winding its way through the Lake County justice system for the past several months, but was dismissed when key witnesses “disappeared”, according to assistant Lake County D.A. Elizabeth Hellman.

Wildman Spotted
    The almost mythical Wildman of the Ochocos was reportedly spotted near North Plains Junction by two young women from the Double-T Ranch, according to Deputy Sheriff Shawn Hinterteil.
    Hinterteil said the girls called him to the scene, about a half mile from the Double T, on North Plains Road with a cellphone.
    “On the phone they sounded kind of frightened,” said Hinterteil, but when he arrived the girls were in a good mood.
    “They claimed they saw a disheveled man run from the road up into the hills.” According to Hinterteil, the man did not actually threaten the girls.
    “They treated it kind of like a joke.” said the deputy. He then lectured them about wasting the departments time.
    According to Double T owners, Cedar Ring and Estrella Luna, the girls were not supposed to be off of the premises and would be locked down for a week.
    “We have to be tough,” said Ms. Luna, “or these girls will walk all over you.”
    The Double T is a facility for troubled girls, many from Portland and other cities in the northwest.

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