Germaine and Wilbur County News Briefs

Sweet Charges Dropped
    The Lake Coun­ty dis­trict attor­ney announced today that drug charges against Ger­maine res­i­dent Zachary Sweet have been dropped.
    Sweet was arrest­ed by Lake­view police last sum­mer on accu­sa­tions of bur­glary and theft.
    Sweet was released on bail on con­di­tion that he be under strict super­vi­sion by his father, Wilbur Coun­ty Sher­iff, Tony Sweet.
    The case has been wind­ing its way through the Lake Coun­ty jus­tice sys­tem for the past sev­er­al months, but was dis­missed when key wit­ness­es “dis­ap­peared”, accord­ing to assis­tant Lake Coun­ty D.A. Eliz­a­beth Hell­man.

Wild­man Spot­ted
    The almost myth­i­cal Wild­man of the Ochocos was report­ed­ly spot­ted near North Plains Junc­tion by two young women from the Dou­ble-T Ranch, accord­ing to Deputy Sher­iff Shawn Hin­terteil.
    Hin­terteil said the girls called him to the scene, about a half mile from the Dou­ble T, on North Plains Road with a cell­phone.
    “On the phone they sound­ed kind of fright­ened,” said Hin­terteil, but when he arrived the girls were in a good mood.
    “They claimed they saw a disheveled man run from the road up into the hills.” Accord­ing to Hin­terteil, the man did not actu­al­ly threat­en the girls.
    “They treat­ed it kind of like a joke.” said the deputy. He then lec­tured them about wast­ing the depart­ments time.
    Accord­ing to Dou­ble T own­ers, Cedar Ring and Estrel­la Luna, the girls were not sup­posed to be off of the premis­es and would be locked down for a week.
    “We have to be tough,” said Ms. Luna, “or these girls will walk all over you.”
    The Dou­ble T is a facil­i­ty for trou­bled girls, many from Port­land and oth­er cities in the north­west.

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