Wilbur County 4-H News

by Misty Carmichael, 4-H Correspondent
    In Wilbur County we have lots of 4-H Clubs. Almost anyone 9 or older can find one to belong to. You can find out how to sign up by calling the Wilbur County Extension Service. Don’t call me because I don’t have all that information.
    Dawn of the Dairy Club has a new leader, Hilda Decker. They met for the first time out at her Dairy Farm on West Bradford Lane on January 6th. There are six members in that club. They elected officers. Sandra Ellersby is President, Parker Decker is Vice-President, Marci Sheridan is Secretary, Kristofer Johnson is Treasurer, other members of the club are: Carl Duncan and Benjamin Morris. Kris Johnson brought a pie for refreshment. Parker reported that his three year-old Guernsey Ada birthed a heifer calf on New Year’s day. Now he has four dairy animals, three cows and one calf. Two of his other cows are also calving this year. Their next meeting is February 10th at 6 pm out at the Decker place.
    Ed Plum, biology teacher at Old Paiute High School has agreed to lead a new goat club. There’s lots of interest in it and they had their first meeting last week, but didn’t elect anyone. They plan to call the club The Grumpy Goat Club. Mr Plum said they will elect officers at the next meeting. They watched a video about goats and how important they have been in human history. The video was called Goats & People.
    I don’t have any news from any of the other clubs. So far the list of clubs is this: The Cross-Eyed Ewe, led by John Miller; Wilbur County Steer Club led by Charley Spengler; The Sky is Falling Chicken Club, led by Bodhi Hedrick; and the Alice Rabbit Club led by Patricia La Plante.
    If you want news about your club in the paper, contact me in care of The Germaine Truth or stop by The Singing Firs and give it to my Dad.

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