Wilbur County 4-H News

by Misty Carmichael, 4-H Cor­re­spon­dent
    In Wilbur Coun­ty we have lots of 4-H Clubs. Almost any­one 9 or old­er can find one to belong to. You can find out how to sign up by call­ing the Wilbur Coun­ty Exten­sion Ser­vice. Don’t call me because I don’t have all that infor­ma­tion.
    Dawn of the Dairy Club has a new leader, Hil­da Deck­er. They met for the first time out at her Dairy Farm on West Brad­ford Lane on Jan­u­ary 6th. There are six mem­bers in that club. They elect­ed offi­cers. San­dra Ellers­by is Pres­i­dent, Park­er Deck­er is Vice-Pres­i­dent, Mar­ci Sheri­dan is Sec­re­tary, Kristofer John­son is Trea­sur­er, oth­er mem­bers of the club are: Carl Dun­can and Ben­jamin Mor­ris. Kris John­son brought a pie for refresh­ment. Park­er report­ed that his three year-old Guernsey Ada birthed a heifer calf on New Year’s day. Now he has four dairy ani­mals, three cows and one calf. Two of his oth­er cows are also calv­ing this year. Their next meet­ing is Feb­ru­ary 10th at 6 pm out at the Deck­er place.
    Ed Plum, biol­o­gy teacher at Old Paiute High School has agreed to lead a new goat club. There’s lots of inter­est in it and they had their first meet­ing last week, but didn’t elect any­one. They plan to call the club The Grumpy Goat Club. Mr Plum said they will elect offi­cers at the next meet­ing. They watched a video about goats and how impor­tant they have been in human his­to­ry. The video was called Goats & Peo­ple.
    I don’t have any news from any of the oth­er clubs. So far the list of clubs is this: The Cross-Eyed Ewe, led by John Miller; Wilbur Coun­ty Steer Club led by Charley Spen­gler; The Sky is Falling Chick­en Club, led by Bod­hi Hedrick; and the Alice Rab­bit Club led by Patri­cia La Plante.
    If you want news about your club in the paper, con­tact me in care of The Ger­maine Truth or stop by The Singing Firs and give it to my Dad.

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