Local girl wins Science Prize

by Doris Mae Johanssen
    Our own Century June Walkingstick has won top prize in the Central Oregon Budding Scientist contest in the Junior Scientist category (for ages six to nine). We all know how special Century June is and now everyone in Central Oregon knows it too. Century June’s amazing collection of frogs and toads was by far the most intriguing display in her category.
    The Truth obtained an exclusive interview with our local celebrity just after she was handed the big blue ribbon and a check for $25.
    “I’ve been collecting frogs since I was three years-old. My daddy taught me how to catch tadpoles in Nine Mile Creek and how to grow them up,” Walkingstick said.
    Her entire collection is in hibernation at this time and she was able to display them in a cooler supplied by John Arratola. The cooler has a glass top for viewing and a thermostat to regulate the temperature. Once the science contest is over Walkingstick said she will put the specimens back in the pond out in her family’s back yard. Come Spring she will have to start all over again.

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