Local girl wins Science Prize

by Doris Mae Johanssen
    Our own Cen­tu­ry June Walk­ing­stick has won top prize in the Cen­tral Ore­gon Bud­ding Sci­en­tist con­test in the Junior Sci­en­tist cat­e­go­ry (for ages six to nine). We all know how spe­cial Cen­tu­ry June is and now every­one in Cen­tral Ore­gon knows it too. Cen­tu­ry June’s amaz­ing col­lec­tion of frogs and toads was by far the most intrigu­ing dis­play in her cat­e­go­ry.
    The Truth obtained an exclu­sive inter­view with our local celebri­ty just after she was hand­ed the big blue rib­bon and a check for $25.
    “I’ve been col­lect­ing frogs since I was three years-old. My dad­dy taught me how to catch tad­poles in Nine Mile Creek and how to grow them up,” Walk­ing­stick said.
    Her entire col­lec­tion is in hiber­na­tion at this time and she was able to dis­play them in a cool­er sup­plied by John Arra­to­la. The cool­er has a glass top for view­ing and a ther­mo­stat to reg­u­late the tem­per­a­ture. Once the sci­ence con­test is over Walk­ing­stick said she will put the spec­i­mens back in the pond out in her family’s back yard. Come Spring she will have to start all over again.

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