Bones found in Wilbur County

by Howard Applegate
    The Truth learned this afternoon that human bones have been found in rural Wilbur County.
    In a dramatic display, a disgruntled Harlan McCoy literally deposited a bag of bones in Sheriff Tony Sweet’s lap. At the time, the Sheriff was being interviewed for Radio Germaine for a Martin Luther King Day broadcast about the problem of hate crimes in Central Oregon.
    According to stunned radio host, Patty Jo Mac, McCoy burst into the usually quiet Germaine Cafe carrying a gunny sack which he dropped on the table in front of Sweet.
    “He was real huffy,” said Mac, “He mumbled ‘I think these might have fallen out of your closet, Sheriff,’ and stomped out. I’ve never seen the Sheriff so furious.”
    Mac said some of the bones tumbled out into the Sheriff’s lap. Sweet then gathered up the remains and left.
    “Didn’t even say a word,” said Tsalagi Red, Mac’s co-host, “needless to say, that was the end of the interview.”
    Sheriff Sweet refused to return calls from The Germaine Truth. Deputy Shawn Hinterteil said the bones would be examined, probably at the forensics lab in Bend. McCoy will also be questioned about the circumstances in which the bones were found.
    “We’re also looking at possible charges against Harlan McCoy,” said Hinterteil. “These remains seem to be fairly recent, and it’s a serious offense to disrupt a possible crime scene.”
    By recent, Hinterteil said he meant within the past fifty or sixty years.
    The deputy refused to elaborate further, only saying that Sheriff Sweet would hold a press conference within a week.
    Efforts to contact Harlan McCoy were unsuccessful.

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