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A sleep­ing bag for the Wild­man

Dear Edi­tor,
    I saw in Thel­ma McCoy’s col­umn that some­one has seen that poor wild man again. Folks, the weath­er has been bit­ter cold as we all know. I can’t help but think about that poor man and how he is far­ing in the woods. Now I know he has been in the woods for a long time and must have made shel­ter or found some kind of cave to live in. Maybe he is okay, but the Christ­mas sea­son just past should remind us that we are our brother’s keep­er and who­ev­er this wild­man is, he is our broth­er. I just want him know, if he reads the paper, that there is a warm sleep­ing bag out behind The Lit­tle Shop of the Grot­to. It’s in a good strong garbage bag to keep it dry.
    Hap­py New Year, Ger­maine.
Patri­cia La Plante

Wild­man or Bogey­man?

Dear Howard/Editor
    What part of myth don’t you peo­ple under­stand? There is no “Wildman of the Ochocos”. Like the bogey­man of the Black For­est, he is an inven­tion to keep chil­dren from wan­der­ing too far into the woods or any­where else with­out adult super­vi­sion. Watch out, the Wild­man will get you!
Jane Arnold

Tigers or Bears?

Dear Mr Edi­tor,
    In India we have sim­i­lar sto­ry. In the vil­lage where my fam­i­ly comes from the chil­dren are warned about the tiger. There real­ly are tigers and some­times chil­dren are eat­en by them. Per­haps the Wild­man is a bear. Maybe the men of this coun­ty should form a band of hunters. I would go with such a group into the for­est to hunt this bear.
Roy Patel

Dan­ger­ous Crim­i­nal?

Dear Edi­tor,
    This is the sec­ond sight­ing in just two months of this crazy man. He’s becom­ing dan­ger­ous and must be stopped before he hurts some­one. I say we get up a posse and comb the for­est. We’ll find him if we have enough men will­ing to spend a Sat­ur­day look­ing. What do you say Sher­iff Sweet? Isn’t it time we brought this free­load­ing out­law to jus­tice?
Buck Rawl­ins

Decom… What?

Dear Edi­tor,
    I am not a psy­chi­a­trist, but I have stud­ied psy­chi­atric cas­es and I would have to say that this Wild­man is decom­pen­sat­ing. In oth­er words, the recent sight­ings indi­cate that a change in his men­tal sta­bil­i­ty has tak­en place and he may be in dan­ger of hurt­ing him­self. I hes­i­tate to say that he is a dan­ger to oth­ers. As mod­ern peo­ple, we should be more con­cerned about his well-being than that he is liv­ing out­side of our nar­row def­i­n­i­tion of soci­ety.
Cherie Renoir

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