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A sleeping bag for the Wildman

Dear Editor,
    I saw in Thelma McCoy’s column that someone has seen that poor wild man again. Folks, the weather has been bitter cold as we all know. I can’t help but think about that poor man and how he is faring in the woods. Now I know he has been in the woods for a long time and must have made shelter or found some kind of cave to live in. Maybe he is okay, but the Christmas season just past should remind us that we are our brother’s keeper and whoever this wildman is, he is our brother. I just want him know, if he reads the paper, that there is a warm sleeping bag out behind The Little Shop of the Grotto. It’s in a good strong garbage bag to keep it dry.
    Happy New Year, Germaine.
Patricia La Plante

Wildman or Bogeyman?

Dear Howard/Editor
    What part of myth don’t you people understand? There is no “Wildman of the Ochocos”. Like the bogeyman of the Black Forest, he is an invention to keep children from wandering too far into the woods or anywhere else without adult supervision. Watch out, the Wildman will get you!
Jane Arnold

Tigers or Bears?

Dear Mr Editor,
    In India we have similar story. In the village where my family comes from the children are warned about the tiger. There really are tigers and sometimes children are eaten by them. Perhaps the Wildman is a bear. Maybe the men of this county should form a band of hunters. I would go with such a group into the forest to hunt this bear.
Roy Patel

Dangerous Criminal?

Dear Editor,
    This is the second sighting in just two months of this crazy man. He’s becoming dangerous and must be stopped before he hurts someone. I say we get up a posse and comb the forest. We’ll find him if we have enough men willing to spend a Saturday looking. What do you say Sheriff Sweet? Isn’t it time we brought this freeloading outlaw to justice?
Buck Rawlins

Decom… What?

Dear Editor,
    I am not a psychiatrist, but I have studied psychiatric cases and I would have to say that this Wildman is decompensating. In other words, the recent sightings indicate that a change in his mental stability has taken place and he may be in danger of hurting himself. I hesitate to say that he is a danger to others. As modern people, we should be more concerned about his well-being than that he is living outside of our narrow definition of society.
Cherie Renoir

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