Diary of little Germaine to be digitized

by Susie Apple­gate
    Ger­maine City Librar­i­an, Lucy Charlebois-LaPlante announced today that the diary of Ger­maine Van­Bib­ber, the lit­tle girl after whom the town of Ger­maine was named, will be dig­i­tized and post­ed on line.
    Lucy, as most Ger­main­ers know, is also the direc­tor of the Wilbur Coun­ty His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety, which announced the dis­cov­ery of the diary in 1997. Although the exis­tance of the diary had long been vouched for by the Van Bib­bers, the doc­u­ment went miss­ing from the fam­i­ly safe in 1919.
    The decades old mys­tery has nev­er been solved, but the diary was reput­ed­ly found by Bradley Brad­ford, who claimed he uncov­ered it in the debris of the old Hedrick home­stead, which was destroyed by a freak flash flood in late 1996.
    The elder Hedricks, who aban­doned the old farm house in the ear­ly 1980s, denied any knowl­edge of the diary.
    The diary by the nine-year old girl doc­u­ments the wag­on train jour­ney from Mis­souri in the 1840s, and is con­sid­ered by most Ger­main­ers to be an invalu­able piece of our his­to­ry.

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