Diary of little Germaine to be digitized

by Susie Applegate
    Germaine City Librarian, Lucy Charlebois-LaPlante announced today that the diary of Germaine VanBibber, the little girl after whom the town of Germaine was named, will be digitized and posted on line.
    Lucy, as most Germainers know, is also the director of the Wilbur County Historical Society, which announced the discovery of the diary in 1997. Although the existance of the diary had long been vouched for by the Van Bibbers, the document went missing from the family safe in 1919.
    The decades old mystery has never been solved, but the diary was reputedly found by Bradley Bradford, who claimed he uncovered it in the debris of the old Hedrick homestead, which was destroyed by a freak flash flood in late 1996.
    The elder Hedricks, who abandoned the old farm house in the early 1980s, denied any knowledge of the diary.
    The diary by the nine-year old girl documents the wagon train journey from Missouri in the 1840s, and is considered by most Germainers to be an invaluable piece of our history.

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