Walkingstick pulls another surprise

by Howard Applegate
     Willie Walkingstick did it again. He pulled off another suprise election victory, defeating favorite Shawn Hedrick in a 54-46 upset.
     Walkingstick’s victory now gives the City Council a slight tilt toward the slow-growth position. Walkingstick accused his opponent of having vested interest in real estate development, and vowed to vote against any new expansion projects.
     Evidently, the voters agreed with him. Jasper Bradford, when asked why he supported Walkingstick, said, “I know a lot of folks think he’s over the top, but I can’t abide the Council being run by the real estate lobby.”
     Bradford was referring to the fact that two of Germaine’s current City Council Members have ties to the industry. Angela Arratola is a real estate broker, and Patricia Lundgren is married to an investor with land interests. Both Council Members have been known to favor pro-development policies.
     Mayor McCoy, a moderate, will likely be a swing vote on this issue. An old-fashioned conservative, he tends to follow a cautious course.

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