Howard is back from Euro-style vacation

by Howard Apple­gate
    Due to the need of a vaca­tion, The Ger­maine Truth was silent dur­ing most of the past month. We decid­ed to try out the Euro­pean-style vaca­tion: take off the entire month of August. We couldn’t afford to relax on the French Riv­iera, so we set­tled for the sands of our own back­yard, where we have toma­toes, cucum­bers and hot chile pep­pers to attend to. And although Susie had vol­un­teered to keep the news com­ing, Margie was insis­tant that we all take a vaca­tion.
    The vaca­tion expe­ri­ence? While I’m not ready yet to become a full-blown social­ist, hav­ing a month off sure was nice! And not much hap­pened dur­ing the month that the gos­sip grapevine couldn’t han­dle very well.
    Now we’re back, and ready to tack­le anoth­er year.

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