Council campaign heats up, charges fly

by Howard Applegate
    Candidate Shawn Hedrick refused to comment today on accusations that he has a conflict of interest in his race for City Council. Willie Walkingstick, his opponent, called on him to drop out, citing Hedrick’s ownership of several development properties which he has been attempting to annex to Germaine for several years.
    Walkingstick spoke up at a meeting of the planning committee, creating something of a stir when he refused to sit down after committee Chair Angela Arratola ruled him out of order. Walkingstick, who has been frequentlly known to ignore Mr. Roberts rules, instead presented his case against Hedrick.
    Arratola told this reporter after the meeting, “Walkingstick is a lunatic. His performance here tonight shows he is not suitable for a seat on the City Council.”
    When told of Arratola’s comment, Walkingstick stood by his actions, accusing Ms. Arratola of being “one of Hedrick’s real estate goons.”
    “It’s the only way someone like me can be heard,” Walkingstick said in defense of his behavior.
    Walkingstick also took the occasion to announce another annual “Indigenous Rights Day” demonstration on October 5th, this year at city hall, “to protest that butcher Columbus, and let Mr. Hedrick know who really owns his land.”

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