Cold Puts an End to Honeydew Season

by Howard Applegate
     Friday night’s deep freeze put an official end to honeydew season for Wilbur County farmers. While most have had their crops in for a few weeks now, a few holdouts, hoping to get a little more growth on immature melons, were caught by surprise.
     “I guess I just got complacent,” said farmer Aubrey McClellan, “You know with longer seasons we’ve been having in recent years, I just wasn’t expecting it.”
     The temperature dipped to 26 degrees early Saturday morning, leaving a heavy white frost on the fields. Although Wilbur County honeydews are able to withstand cold better than other varieties, the freeze was cold enough to severely damage McClellan’s crop. He estimates about 30% will be unsuitable for market.
     Needless to say, farmer McClellan is now harvesting his crop as quickly as possible, in order to salvage as much as he can.
     McClellan is philosophical about his loss. “Bill O’Reilly said that this global warming stuff would be a big boon to farmers. Just goes to show these radio guys are as unreliable as the weather.”

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