Big Red is Gone, Long Live Big Red

by Howard Apple­gate
    Big Red, the famous roost­er of Scio, has been gunned down in the streets of his home town.
    Red has patrolled the town of Scio since hitch-hik­ing into town in 1998 on the back of a pick­up truck, board­ing ever since at Audie Heikkila’s feed store.
    On Tues­day, July 11, Red, who was once bestowed the title of Scio’s Most Hon­ored Cit­i­zen, was attacked by a pit bull who leapt through the open win­dow of a vehi­cle to maul his vic­tim.
    When the dog was pulled off of Red, he stag­gered across the street and col­lapsed on the doorstep of the town vet­eri­nar­i­an.
    Ger­main­ers mourn the loss of Red. Although he nev­er made it to the Fall Fowl Fest, as many local folks had hoped, he remains spe­cial in our hearts as the sym­bol of our adopt­ed sis­ter city in the Willamette Val­ley.
    Offers of a replace­ment have come in from all over the coun­try, and a new­ly wed cou­ple from Kansas drove all the way out here to Ore­gon with fiesty young roost­er which they hoped would be the new Big Red. Audie is now try­ing to fig­ure out how to choose among all of the gen­er­ous offers.
    Red may be gone, but he is sure to live on.

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