Big Red is Gone, Long Live Big Red

by Howard Applegate
    Big Red, the famous rooster of Scio, has been gunned down in the streets of his home town.
    Red has patrolled the town of Scio since hitch-hiking into town in 1998 on the back of a pickup truck, boarding ever since at Audie Heikkila’s feed store.
    On Tuesday, July 11, Red, who was once bestowed the title of Scio’s Most Honored Citizen, was attacked by a pit bull who leapt through the open window of a vehicle to maul his victim.
    When the dog was pulled off of Red, he staggered across the street and collapsed on the doorstep of the town veterinarian.
    Germainers mourn the loss of Red. Although he never made it to the Fall Fowl Fest, as many local folks had hoped, he remains special in our hearts as the symbol of our adopted sister city in the Willamette Valley.
    Offers of a replacement have come in from all over the country, and a newly wed couple from Kansas drove all the way out here to Oregon with fiesty young rooster which they hoped would be the new Big Red. Audie is now trying to figure out how to choose among all of the generous offers.
    Red may be gone, but he is sure to live on.

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