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Renew and Expand Germaine’s Vision

by Lucy Charlebois-LaPlante
    In the aftermath of a contentious primary campaign for Town Council, it is time for citizens to remember the vision of Germaine, with its spirit of community and harmony. While I am no stranger to controversy, and have not been accused of backing down from a good brawl, it is quite obvious to me that more than a few toes have been unfairly stepped upon in the last few months.
     Shawn Hedrick is not “another Ken Lay’” as Willie Walkingstick charged at the April election forum, nor is Walkingstick, “in league with anarchists and terrorists,” as the Hedrick campaign has claimed. All sides in this debate need to calm down and look at the issues facing Germaine, Wilbur County, and our country with an eye for the good of the community.
    Wilbur County has made important strides in the past few years by embracing the future. We have followed little Germaine’s vision, taking an active role in developing appropriate technology and organic farming methods, and it has paid off big time.
    A local organization is now discussing purchasing a van for twice a week bus service to Bend and Prineville. Word also has it that Citgo is considering investment in Jasper Bradford’s gas station, and may provide discount fuel to our economically depressed town. McCoy Technology is embarking on a major new technology, using algae to clean power plants.
    These are the very kinds of things we need here in Wilbur County, and they are the kinds of things we need in America: appropriate transportation, appropriate agricultural technology, and appropriately caring people.
    Let’s continue to look to the future!

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