Our Election Year Picks

by Howard Applegate
    For the first time in recent memory, the Germaine City Council has a contested race. Running this year are incumbent Angela Arratola, whose position is uncontested. Battling for the open seat are Shawn Hedrick, Geena McCoy Rawlins and Willie Walkingstick.
    The seats held by Council Members Andrew Childers and Patricia Lundgren are not up for election this year, nor is the office of Mayor Kevin McCoy.
    The three-way race has been very interesting so far, and should no one receive an absolute majority, there will be a runoff in the fall.
    All of the candidates are from good Germaine families, and we applaud their stepping up to the civic plate. We wish that there were enough seats for all of them to serve, but since there is only one, we pick local businessman, Shawn Hedrick, owner of Hedrick’s Haberdashery. Hedrick is a solid citizen who will work for the interests of all Germainers. He has given generously of himself to a variety of civic causes, and has served on the City Budget Committee and the Wilbur County School Board.
    Geena Rawlins, while an outspoken and enthusiastic volunteer for her church, has no experience in public service. We believe that her heart is in the right place, but Hedrick is miles ahead in leadership ability.
    Likewise, Walkingstick, obviously passionate about his views, has shown little ability to work inside the system. We have to give him credit for persistance in attempting to change things from the street, but his abrasive style may only end up causing conflict on the Council.

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