Our Election Year Picks

by Howard Apple­gate
    For the first time in recent mem­o­ry, the Ger­maine City Coun­cil has a con­test­ed race. Run­ning this year are incum­bent Angela Arra­to­la, whose posi­tion is uncon­test­ed. Bat­tling for the open seat are Shawn Hedrick, Geena McCoy Rawl­ins and Willie Walk­ing­stick.
    The seats held by Coun­cil Mem­bers Andrew Childers and Patri­cia Lund­gren are not up for elec­tion this year, nor is the office of May­or Kevin McCoy.
    The three-way race has been very inter­est­ing so far, and should no one receive an absolute major­i­ty, there will be a runoff in the fall.
    All of the can­di­dates are from good Ger­maine fam­i­lies, and we applaud their step­ping up to the civic plate. We wish that there were enough seats for all of them to serve, but since there is only one, we pick local busi­ness­man, Shawn Hedrick, own­er of Hedrick’s Hab­er­dash­ery. Hedrick is a sol­id cit­i­zen who will work for the inter­ests of all Ger­main­ers. He has giv­en gen­er­ous­ly of him­self to a vari­ety of civic caus­es, and has served on the City Bud­get Com­mit­tee and the Wilbur Coun­ty School Board.
    Geena Rawl­ins, while an out­spo­ken and enthu­si­as­tic vol­un­teer for her church, has no expe­ri­ence in pub­lic ser­vice. We believe that her heart is in the right place, but Hedrick is miles ahead in lead­er­ship abil­i­ty.
    Like­wise, Walk­ing­stick, obvi­ous­ly pas­sion­ate about his views, has shown lit­tle abil­i­ty to work inside the sys­tem. We have to give him cred­it for per­sis­tance in attempt­ing to change things from the street, but his abra­sive style may only end up caus­ing con­flict on the Coun­cil.

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