Election Day Shocker

by Howard Applegate
     Willie Walkingstick, who many Germaine pundits wrote off as a “liberal gadfly,” pulled a surprising second place finish in the race for City Council. Walkingstick, with 34% of the vote, deprived front-runner Shawn Hedrick of an outright majority, forcing a fall run-off election.
     Walkingstick ran a campaign based on the issue of accountability, claiming that Hedrick had a conflict of interest, and would run rough-shod over the City Charter. He also promised to put forward a motion calling for the impeachment of President Bush, which was widely ridiculed, and attacked as inappropriate for a small town council.
     Enough voters evidently agreed with him, however, to push him into a replay in November.
     Hedrick said he is not flapped. “Walkingstick is nothing but a perennial troublemaker,” he said. “His silly antics will sway no one. Where do you expect Geena’s voters to go? Surely not to the looney left.”
     Walkingstick just laughed when told of Hedrick’s comment. “We’ll just see about that,” he added.
     The number of Germaine citizens who voted soared to a record for a primary election. According to the Wilbur County elections division, nearly 70% of eligible voters cast a ballot. It was the first contested election in nearly two decades.

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