Daniel Boone Days Around the Corner

germaine/people/26306_3131.jpgby Howard Applegate
    The July 4th weekend and Daniel Boone Days is just around the corner. For those who might be new to Germaine, Daniel Boone Days is our picnic in the park, politicians kissing babies, parade through downtown, patriotic holiday festival.
    Saturday, July 3 will see the coronation of the Pioneer Queen, and on Sunday, the parade. Both events are organized by the Daughters of Germaine.
    Last year we had an ice crisis, but John Arratola promised that he would order plenty of ice in advance this year. While the store will be closed for the parade and picnic, ice will be available for all who need it.
    Daniel Boone Days is so name because of supposed family ties between Boone and the Van Bibbers, a founding family of Germaine.

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