Malsanto to open research station in Wilbur County, near Germaine

by Howard Applegate
     Malsanto Corporation announced on February 17 that it planned to open a High Desert Research Facility in Wilbur County about 20 miles south of Germaine, near the Harney County line. Rachel Evans, the spokesperson for the huge, multi-national company said that the actual construction of infrastructure has been underway for about a year now, and they hoped to have the facility fully operating by May 1. The news sent an immediate stir through the local agricultural community, which is deeply divided about the development.
     When asked how approval managed to slip under the radar of local media, Ms. Evans said, “We have an arrangement with a local rancher to build greenhouses on 600 acres of his land. These are standard agricultural facilities which fall under the County zoning ordinances.”
     A check, however, with the County Courthouse, shows that ranch owner, Dr. Vernon Hastart of Portland, Oregon, may have received special dispensation from County Commissioners, bypassing a needed Water Table Impact Study. All three County Commissioners were “out of town,” according to the County Clerk, and were unavailable for comment.

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