Letters From Our Readers

Shame on you, Howard

To the Edi­tor:
   Shame on you, Howard Apple­gate! I just read the arti­cle on those pro­test­ers, and I want to know why you are giv­ing them a forum in your news­pa­per? You are just encour­ag­ing them. This is the third time this year they have dis­rupt­ed life in our lit­tle town, and each time there is more of them.
   If you would ignore them, they would all go back to the city where they no doubt came from. Not only do they hold up traf­fic, and har­rass poor busi­ness­men like John, these out­side agi­ta­tors influ­ence our chil­dren to dis­obey their par­ents, and dis­re­spect our pres­i­dent. I heard that even the Sheriff’s son Ezra was there mak­ing noise to raise the dead.
   Please stop cod­dling them.

Jane Annabelle Arnold

editor’s note: Accord­ing to Susie, who wrote this arti­cle, all of the par­tic­i­pants were native Ger­main­ers.

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