Germaine Reads: Reviews of new arrivals at the Germaine Library

by Lucy Charlebois-La Plante
   Someone has to Eat the Broken Egg by Shirley Knott. Published by Athens Press, a subsidiary of Grenoble Publishing House.
   Sibling rivalry and birth order are examined by Shirley Knott in this compelling illustration of how martyrs develop in a world that no longer seems to want or need them. This book is a fascinating portrayal of the childhoods of five modern day martyrs and the forces that shaped them. Knott, who is fluent in seven languages, chose her martyrs from China, Germany, Botswana, Haiti, and Brazil. Each of her subjects is treated with deep respect bordering on reverence and that is probably the weakest element in the book. Knott fails to maintain the distance readers should be able to expect from someone with Knott’s credentials. This is after all the writer who brought us From Cronus to Canaan: An Examination of the Influence of Pre-Linear B Era Mythology on Our Understanding of the Word of God.
   Nevertheless, fans of Knott will not be disappointed. She has an uncanny ability to make connections out of seemingly disparate events and draws them so convincingly as to leave no doubt in the mind of the most discriminating of armchair anthropolgists. We will keep reading Knott, regardless of her loss of objectivity, as long as she continues to introduce us to places we have never been and to people, such as the martyrs, for whom we should all be profoundly grateful.
   There are two copies of Someone has to Eat the Broken Egg at the Germaine Library.

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