Time for New Leadership

    Folks here in Wilbur County don’t take these things lightly, and we’re not yet ready to use the I-word, but it’s time to sit up and take stock of what is happening to our rights in this land of the free. Particularly, our right to be free of big government eavesdropping and heavy-handedness. We don’t want to play down the seriousness of 9/11, and the threat from international extremists to the safety of U.S. citizens, but. for crying out loud, George, you’ve gone a bit too far, don’t you think? Spying on grannies and tapping the phones of loyal Americans is not going to make us safe from Al Qaida.
    And, for that matter, neither is draining our nation’s resources to fight another losing war, half-way around the world, when people are hurting here at home. Or padding the pockets of your rich pals while we all go down the toilet. I better stop now, because that I-word is sounding better with each sentence.

Howard Applegate

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