Out with the old; in with the new

by Howard Apple­gate
    One more year is gone, and it’s that time of the year we edi­tors are oblig­ed to review, recap, and fore­cast. The lat­ter would prob­a­bly best be done by Madame Zor­ro, but since we are a seri­ous paper, you are stuck with me. So here we go.

The Old Year
lucky rooster.• A Good Year for Fes­ti­vals. Both Daniel Boone Days and the Fall Fowl Fest were very suc­cess­ful this year, give or take a few dropped pop­si­cles and bruised egos. Hun­dreds attend­ed both events, which were the biggest ever for Wilbur Coun­ty. In the Fall Fowl Fest, Bertie Miller, from Riley, and our own Thel­ma Louise McCoy were top prize win­ners in the Best Dressed Fowl Fash­ion cat­e­go­ry. Richie Bow­ers won the Best Dressed Fowl Culi­nary cat­e­go­ry, with his Wild Duck Soup.

• The Toll of War. 2005 was both a sad and hope­ful year for Ger­maine. On the more somber side, we had tragedy and dis­ap­point­ment, includ­ing the first death of a local boy in the Iraq War. Arlo Childers died in Novem­ber, when a road­side bomb explod­ed near his car­a­van as it approached Bagh­dad. Anoth­er young Ger­main­er, Eric Caruthers, dis­ap­peared with­out a trace while his unit wait­ed in Kuwait for orders to deploy to south­ern Iraq. He is believed to have been abduct­ed by Islam­ic mil­i­tants.

• Crop Fail­ure. This was a bad year for hon­ey­dew farm­ers. Ear­ly frost bit into the mel­on crop, leav­ing the sea­son too short, even for the new Ger­maine hybrids. The hybrids, devel­oped sev­en years ago by McCoy Agri­cul­tur­al Enter­pris­es, require a much short­er grow­ing peri­od, and less water than con­ven­tion­al mel­ons, mak­ing them ide­al for cold, semi-arid cli­mates like Ger­maine. Local farm­ers are talk­ing about sow­ing their green­house beds ear­li­er this year, so the young starts will be more mature for the June plant­i­ng.

• The Inci­dent. Then, there is the mys­te­ri­ous. In July, a pri­vate detec­tive came through town and spent the night at the Restin’ Easy. He claimed to be in the employ of a cer­tain for­eign gov­ern­ment. Accord­ing to the Patels, who own the motel, the man was ask­ing around about peo­ple who might have knowl­edge of The Inci­dent. Lucy Charlebois-LaPlante, the town librar­i­an, talked to the detec­tive, who then left Ger­maine for parts unknown. Ms. Charlebois-LaPlante refused to be inter­viewed by The Ger­maine Truth.

• Restin’ Easy. Speak­ing of the Restin’ Easy, San­jit “Roy” Patel became the new own­er in Feb­ru­ary, and reopened the estab­lish­ment on July 4th, in time for Daniel Boone Days. Roy, with his wife and three chil­dren, remod­eled, and con­vert­ed three of the units into a new res­i­dence for them­selves.

The New Year
• Elec­tion Year. 2006 is an elec­tion year in Ger­maine and Wilbur Coun­ty. The may­or­ship and all four city coun­cil seats are up for grabs this year. In past years, it has been dif­fi­cult to find can­di­dates to fill the unpaid seats, but this year may be dif­fer­ent. As of Jan­u­ary 1, five can­di­dates had already filed for the Coun­cil seats. No one has yet filed for May­or, but fil­ing is open until March 13th. A Wilbur Coun­ty Com­mis­sion seat is also open this year, as is the Coun­ty Audi­tor posi­tion. Both are expect­ed to be con­test­ed.
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