Restin’ Easy has New Owner

by Thelma Louise McCoy
The mystery surrounding all that activity out on the highway at the north end of town is solved. The Restin’ Easy Motel has a new owner. Sanjit “Roy” Patel told The Germaine Truth that he plans to have the motel ready for business by July Fourth. Roy, as he prefers to be known, comes to us from up Burns way where he has been learning the motel trade from his brother. When The Truth caught up with Patel he was applying a fresh coat of paint to the lobby, but he took time out to give us a tour of the property, which has been boarded up since the unforturnate incident two years ago.

The motel will have 12 guest rooms compared to the 16 it had previously. Patel has converted four rooms into a cozy and charming home for his family. Many lovely Indian items grace the walls of his living room. Though his wife, Anoora, does not speak English, she was very friendly and offered tea and some interesting deep-fried vegetables, which Roy referred to as Pakora.

The Patels have four children, Roy, 15, Ana, 13, Suzee, 9, and Jim, 8. The children say they are looking forward to attending Germaine schools in the fall.

Please stop by the Restin’ Easy and welcome the Patels to Germaine.

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