Arratola’s General Store to be Closed for the Fourth of July!

Doris says prepare for a hot one on the Fourth. But what will we use to keep cool?

by Howard Applegate
Word has just come to us, here at The Germaine Truth, that Arratola’s General Store will not be open on the Fourth of July. This leaves us all wondering just where the ice will come from for the kick-off of Daniel Boone Days.

The idea has been circulating that someone with a pickup ought to go down to Burns and get a truck full of ice blocks. For those of you who haven’t been there in a few years, Burns has become quite a stop-over spot for white water rafters on their way down to the Owyhee, and the thinking is that where there’s young city folk, there’s got to be ice. We think that might work, but we here at The Germaine Truth suggest giving the folks down at Burns plenty of notice, so they can stock up.

Last July 4th the temperature soared to 101 degrees and the Wilbur County Pioneer Queen, Molly Ferman had a heat stroke which laid her up for the entire duration of Daniel Boone Days. The community needs the ice. Let’s figure out how to get it!

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