Arratola’s General Store to be Closed for the Fourth of July!

Doris says pre­pare for a hot one on the Fourth. But what will we use to keep cool?

by Howard Apple­gate
Word has just come to us, here at The Ger­maine Truth, that Arratola’s Gen­er­al Store will not be open on the Fourth of July. This leaves us all won­der­ing just where the ice will come from for the kick-off of Daniel Boone Days.

The idea has been cir­cu­lat­ing that some­one with a pick­up ought to go down to Burns and get a truck full of ice blocks. For those of you who haven’t been there in a few years, Burns has become quite a stop-over spot for white water rafters on their way down to the Owyhee, and the think­ing is that where there’s young city folk, there’s got to be ice. We think that might work, but we here at The Ger­maine Truth sug­gest giv­ing the folks down at Burns plen­ty of notice, so they can stock up.

Last July 4th the tem­per­a­ture soared to 101 degrees and the Wilbur Coun­ty Pio­neer Queen, Mol­ly Fer­man had a heat stroke which laid her up for the entire dura­tion of Daniel Boone Days. The com­mu­ni­ty needs the ice. Let’s fig­ure out how to get it!

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