Letters to the Editor

Dear Edi­tor,
    How come all we ever hear about is where are the Arling­tons? What hap­pened to that Gar­cia woman who was stay­ing in the room? Where did she go? Was she abduct­ed or did she just run off and how hard would it be to find her? It’s not like she’s hid­ing out in my garage.

Troy John­son

Dear Edi­tor,
    I’m sor­ry about the Arling­tons and all, but we’ve got to get back to busi­ness in this town. I’ve got a five year-old boy with asth­ma. When are we going to get that clin­ic that Lucy Charlebois had the Coun­ty Board of Health all fired up about a few months back? It takes me an hour to dri­ve to the near­est hos­pi­tal and that is just not good enough. I’m afraid I’ll have to move away from Ger­maine if some­thing doesn’t change soon. Even one doc­tor, or a nurse prac­ti­tion­er would be an improve­ment.

Bon­nie Sell­ers

To the So-Called Edi­tor:
    What, are we all idiots? Don’t you peo­ple know a cov­er-up when you see one? The damned Home­land Secu­ri­ty and FBI and our own Sher­iff Sweet are in cahoots on this one. I wouldn’t be sur­prized if that fan­cy farm down there in the cor­ner of the coun­ty where they are cre­at­ing God knows what mon­ster plant has some­thing to do with the dis­ap­pear­ance of Sue and Al. What are they min­ing for on the WM-YJ? Gold? Do you seri­ous­ly think they’ve found the Blue Buck­et Mine? I drove past the so-called mine a cou­ple days ago and there is a chain-link fence with razor wire all the way around it. I saw rot­tweil­ers run­ning loose behind that fence. How in the Hell did they get it up so fast? Some­thing scary is going on in our back­yard, my friends.

Willie Walk­ing­stick

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