Hope fades and winks out

by Jody Hop­per
    â€œWe’ll keep the yel­low rib­bon around the quak­ing aspen, but it don’t look like they’re com­ing home,” Shu Arling­ton, son of Susan­nah and Albert Arling­ton, said as he stood out­side the Sheriff’s office ear­ly this morn­ing. He thanked Sher­iff Sweet for all he has done in keep­ing the fam­i­ly noti­fied of the progress of the search.
    The search has end­ed. Agent Todd and his team have been called to Alaba­ma to join a man­hunt to find three bank rob­bers who escaped from the state pen­i­ten­tiary in that state. We have been told there is lit­tle hope if any that the Arling­tons are still alive. “We haven’t closed the case,” Agent Todd said in his last phone call to Sher­iff Sweet. “We’re just not expect­ing to find them. The time comes when you have to move on.”

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