FBI hunt continues in Montana

by Jody Hop­per
    â€œThey’re out there some­where and we’ll do every­thing in our pow­er to find them and bring them home.” Those were the words of Agent Evan Todd just before he and three oth­er FBI agents climbed aboard a heli­copter at the Prineville Air­port. But an exten­sive search of the Ochoco and Mal­heur Forests yield­ed no clues. It was not until a tip came in from an alert cit­i­zen in Nam­pa, Ida­ho that Agent Todd moved the search beyond East­ern Ore­gon, across Ida­ho and into Mon­tana.
    â€œThe fear is that they may be in Cana­da by now and it will be rough going if they have to search up there,” Sher­iff Sweet said. The Truth has been in fre­quent con­tact with Sweet since the Arling­tons were abduct­ed and he has passed on the com­mu­niques he receives from Agent Todd.
    Though the iden­ti­ty of the per­son in Nam­pa whose tip sent the FBI toward Mon­tana is unknown, Sher­iff Sweet main­tains that the infor­ma­tion giv­en by the tip­ster can be trust­ed because the FBI is con­vinced that the tip­ster did indeed see and speak with the abduc­tor. It is believed that the Arling­tons were alive as late as yes­ter­day when the Nam­pa cit­i­zen pumped gas into the abductor’s Humvee. He told Agent Todd that a cou­ple who appeared to be about 60 years old were in the back seat of the vehi­cle and “something didn’t look right.”

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