Arlingtons and guest missing

by Howard Applegate
Last night Germaine was the scene of what appears to be a terrible crime. The call came into Sheriff Sweet at 10:01 p.m. Albert Arlington was calling in to report that someone, at that very moment was driving out of the Restin’ Easy parking lot in a military style vehicle. By the time that the Sheriff and his Deputy arrived, the guest in the room was gone and so were Albert and Susannah Arlington.

“Looked like a Hummer to him,” Sweet said. Arlington told Sweet that he had gotten up to go to the bathroom when he heard a car pull into the parking lot. He looked out the window and saw a vehicle come to a stop in front of the room at the end of the motel, room #17. Someone got out and stood at the door and in a moment or two went into the room. Arlington told Sweet that it seemed suspicious to him so he kept watching and in no more than two or three minutes the driver got out of the vehicle and went in the room. Arlington had his hand on the phone by then, ready to call the Sheriff when the man driving the vehicle appeared again at the door of Room 17 with a body slung over his shoulder, which he dumped in the back seat of the vehicle. It was at that moment that Arlington dialed 911.

“It sounded like someone got hurt in that room and I didn’t know what I was going to find. Two people go into a room and one comes out carrying the other one . . . it sounds like trouble to me.”

Deputy Shawn Hinterteil met Sheriff Sweet at the motel. Both officers say that by the time they got there all they found was a trail of blood leading to a pool of blood on the floor of the bathroom. There appeared to be a body in the bed, but on closer examination that proved to be a couple of pillows covered by a blanket. The bathroom window was open.

Sheriff Sweet said that he believes that the guest, registered as Maria Garcia, may not be who she claimed to be. “She left her rental car behind. Now if I was innocent, I’d be back as soon as police officers arrived. Shoot, if nothing else, I wouldn’t want Hertz on my behind about not returning that rental car.”

Sweet would not answer questions regarding the Arlingtons except to say that in the interest of apprehending the perpetrators there were certain details that must be kept from the public.

We citizens of Germaine are left to wait for word about our friends and relatives, Albert and Susannah. A prayer vigil began by dawn in the lobby of the Restin’ Easy by their fellow congregants at Mary of the Immaculate Heart Catholic Church. Lucy Charlebois said “The vigil will continue until our dear friends come home to us.”

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