Arlingtons and guest missing

by Howard Apple­gate
Last night Ger­maine was the scene of what appears to be a ter­ri­ble crime. The call came into Sher­iff Sweet at 10:01 p.m. Albert Arling­ton was call­ing in to report that some­one, at that very moment was dri­ving out of the Restin’ Easy park­ing lot in a mil­i­tary style vehi­cle. By the time that the Sher­iff and his Deputy arrived, the guest in the room was gone and so were Albert and Susan­nah Arling­ton.

Looked like a Hum­mer to him,” Sweet said. Arling­ton told Sweet that he had got­ten up to go to the bath­room when he heard a car pull into the park­ing lot. He looked out the win­dow and saw a vehi­cle come to a stop in front of the room at the end of the motel, room #17. Some­one got out and stood at the door and in a moment or two went into the room. Arling­ton told Sweet that it seemed sus­pi­cious to him so he kept watch­ing and in no more than two or three min­utes the dri­ver got out of the vehi­cle and went in the room. Arling­ton had his hand on the phone by then, ready to call the Sher­iff when the man dri­ving the vehi­cle appeared again at the door of Room 17 with a body slung over his shoul­der, which he dumped in the back seat of the vehi­cle. It was at that moment that Arling­ton dialed 911.

It sound­ed like some­one got hurt in that room and I didn’t know what I was going to find. Two peo­ple go into a room and one comes out car­ry­ing the oth­er one … it sounds like trou­ble to me.”

Deputy Shawn Hin­terteil met Sher­iff Sweet at the motel. Both offi­cers say that by the time they got there all they found was a trail of blood lead­ing to a pool of blood on the floor of the bath­room. There appeared to be a body in the bed, but on clos­er exam­i­na­tion that proved to be a cou­ple of pil­lows cov­ered by a blan­ket. The bath­room win­dow was open.

Sher­iff Sweet said that he believes that the guest, reg­is­tered as Maria Gar­cia, may not be who she claimed to be. “She left her rental car behind. Now if I was inno­cent, I’d be back as soon as police offi­cers arrived. Shoot, if noth­ing else, I wouldn’t want Hertz on my behind about not return­ing that rental car.”

Sweet would not answer ques­tions regard­ing the Arling­tons except to say that in the inter­est of appre­hend­ing the per­pe­tra­tors there were cer­tain details that must be kept from the pub­lic.

We cit­i­zens of Ger­maine are left to wait for word about our friends and rel­a­tives, Albert and Susan­nah. A prayer vig­il began by dawn in the lob­by of the Restin’ Easy by their fel­low con­gre­gants at Mary of the Immac­u­late Heart Catholic Church. Lucy Charlebois said “The vig­il will con­tin­ue until our dear friends come home to us.”

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