Letters to the Editor

    Re Lucille Charlebois-LaPlante’s opin­ion non­sense and the health board’s pathet­ic response.
    I am appalled and dis­mayed. Are you not con­tem­plat­ing com­merce wth the dev­il here? Cubans, in case you have for­got­ten the Bay of Pigs, are COMMUNISTS! Unit­ed States Cit­i­zens are for­bid­den to trade with Cuba. There is a rea­son for that. We’ve got to halt the spread of COMMUNISIM.
    Have you no love for your coun­try? For Democ­ra­cy? Next you’ll sug­gest we ask Osama Bin Laden for advice on how to halt the spread of ter­ror­ism. May God have mer­cy on your souls.

Geena McCoy Rawl­ins

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