Health demands drastic measures

by Lucy Charlebois-LaPlante
    Ger­maine and all of Wilbur Coun­ty have been with­out a sin­gle full­time physi­cian since Doc Bar­low died five years ago. In that time we have had a num­ber of deaths that might hae been pre­vent­ed with the ear­ly inter­ven­tion of trained med­ical per­son­nel. Most every­one in Ger­maine and sur­round­ing Wilbur Coun­ty are very well aware of this state of affairs.
    I know that the Wilbur Coun­ty Board of Health has been active­ly try­ing to recruit doc­tors and nurse prac­ti­tion­ers. The Wednes­day clin­ic is a result of their hard work. But a clin­ic one day a week does not ade­quate­ly serve the med­ical needs of this com­mu­ni­ty when the near­est doc­tor for the oth­er six days is an hour’s dri­ve away.
    I have been doing some research and have found a pos­si­ble answer to our dilem­ma. It may not sit well with a good many Ger­main­ers, but it would mean that a high­ly trained med­ical doc­tor would be here in Ger­maine sev­en days a week.
    Now we all may have quar­rels with Fidel Cas­tro, but Cuba has doc­tors to export. doc­tors who are will­ing to work in remote rur­al areas. Face it, Ger­maine, Amer­i­can doc­tors just can’t make enough in our sparse­ly pop­u­lat­ed bit of par­adise to pay off their huge med­ical school stu­dent loans. Even if we could find a way to help them pay their loans we could nev­er get them to com­mit to remain­ing here long enough to make it worth the expense. Doc­tors require a cer­tain amount of glo­ry, its part of the life-over-death God com­plex they devel­op. Ger­maine is too remote for glo­ry.
    Let’s put aside polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy for the moment. Long enough to at least con­sid­er the option of bring­ing a high­ly qual­i­fied doc­tor from a small Caribbean Island to our neck of the woods/desert. How many more cit­i­zens of Wilbur Coun­ty will have to die sim­ply because there is no doc­tor less than an hour away to treat a rat­tlesnake bite or bring a child’s fever down. I say hire the red, it’s bet­ter than dead.

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