Walkingstick levels charges on investigation delay

by Howard Applegate

Sheriff by ThreadedThoughts

by: ThreadedThoughts (flickr), license: cc-by

City Councilor, Willie Walkingstick believes the delay in the LaFontaine murder investigation is deliberate, and at a press conference today, he leveled charges against Sheriff Tony Sweet and Vernon Van Bibber, one of Germaine’s leading citizens.

“It’s been three months since the FBI agreed to look into the LaFontaine case,” Walkingstick said, “and no agent has yet been assigned.”

When asked why he believes Sweet and Van Bibber are responsible, Walkingstick cited an unnamed source within the Sheriff’s Office. He also pointed out that both Sweet and Van Bibber have previous close relationships with the Bend office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“Vernon Van Bibber is overly protective of this town,” said Walkingstick. “There is no doubt in my mind that he would like to delay this case until it just goes away. I’m not going to let that happen.”

Sweet and Van Bibber both flatly denied influencing the FBI to delay investigation into the 50-year-old murder. “Walkingstick has a hair up his butt,” said Sheriff Sweet. “He’s a disgrace to the city.”

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Sheep drop dead from the heat

by Howard Applegate


by: CharrisS (flickr), license: cc-by

With temperatures over the 100 degree mark in Central Oregon, a few local farmers are reporting sheep deaths caused by the heat. Teacher and sheep farmer, Ed Plum, found four of his young sheep dead in the field. One was his daughter Chrissy’s 4H lamb she had planned to show in the fair this year.

The deaths should serve as a warning to all of the dangers of Mother Nature. Make sure your livestock have plenty and water and shelter from the sun.

But don’t think that livestock safety is all there is to it. Germainers also need to drink plenty of water on days like these, and stay in an cool place if you can. Older people are especially vulnerable, and if you have a grandparent or elderly relative or neighbor, be sure to check in on them.

Arratola’s General Store is giving out free lemonade this week. “Don’t walk a mile to get it,” said John Arratola, “but if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and cool off. We got a real good deal on lamb cutlets this week.”

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Germaine and Wilbur County News Briefs

Girls Missing at Double-T
    Estrella Luna, co-owner of the Double-T Ranch reported to the Sheriff’s Department that two girls from the Juvenile Facility are missing.
    According to Luna, they didn’t show up for breakfast call on Sunday morning.
    “We checked their rooms,” said Luna, “and they were gone, along with back packs and winter clothing.”
    Luna, and her partner, Cedar Ring, believe the girls will try to make their way to Bend, and asked Wilbur County residents to not offer rides to highway 20.
    Sheriff’s Deputy Shaun Hinterteil agrees. “These girls may seem innocent, and they might bat their cute little eyelashes at you, but a lot of these kids are here for serious offences which would be felonies if they were adults.”
    The girls had been on lockdown for the past week, and were in the news recently after reportedly seeing the Wildman near North Plains Junction. According to Luna, this pair of girls has been particularly troublesome.
    As minors the girls’ names have not been released.

Another Kid Missing
    Chrissy Plum reported to The Germaine Truth that her young goat, Grendel, has disappeared, and asked local residents to be on the lookout.
    Grendel, whom Chrissy labeled “an expert escape artist” vanished overnight on Friday.
    The Plums live out near Charlebois Corners. Ten-year old Chrissy’s dad, Ed, is the biology teacher at Old Paiute High School, and is adviser to the 4-H goat club.