Walkingstick levels charges on investigation delay

by Howard Apple­gate

Sheriff by ThreadedThoughts

by: Thread­edThoughts (flickr), license: cc-by

City Coun­cilor, Willie Walk­ing­stick believes the delay in the LaFontaine mur­der inves­ti­ga­tion is delib­er­ate, and at a press con­fer­ence today, he lev­eled charges against Sher­iff Tony Sweet and Ver­non Van Bib­ber, one of Germaine’s lead­ing cit­i­zens.

It’s been three months since the FBI agreed to look into the LaFontaine case,” Walk­ing­stick said, “and no agent has yet been assigned.”

When asked why he believes Sweet and Van Bib­ber are respon­si­ble, Walk­ing­stick cit­ed an unnamed source with­in the Sheriff’s Office. He also point­ed out that both Sweet and Van Bib­ber have pre­vi­ous close rela­tion­ships with the Bend office of the Fed­er­al Bureau of Inves­ti­ga­tion.

Ver­non Van Bib­ber is over­ly pro­tec­tive of this town,” said Walk­ing­stick. “There is no doubt in my mind that he would like to delay this case until it just goes away. I’m not going to let that hap­pen.”

Sweet and Van Bib­ber both flat­ly denied influ­enc­ing the FBI to delay inves­ti­ga­tion into the 50-year-old mur­der. “Walk­ing­stick has a hair up his butt,” said Sher­iff Sweet. “He’s a dis­grace to the city.”

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Sheep drop dead from the heat

by Howard Apple­gate


by: Char­risS (flickr), license: cc-by

With tem­per­a­tures over the 100 degree mark in Cen­tral Ore­gon, a few local farm­ers are report­ing sheep deaths caused by the heat. Teacher and sheep farmer, Ed Plum, found four of his young sheep dead in the field. One was his daugh­ter Chrissy’s 4H lamb she had planned to show in the fair this year.

The deaths should serve as a warn­ing to all of the dan­gers of Moth­er Nature. Make sure your live­stock have plen­ty and water and shel­ter from the sun.

But don’t think that live­stock safe­ty is all there is to it. Ger­main­ers also need to drink plen­ty of water on days like these, and stay in an cool place if you can. Old­er peo­ple are espe­cial­ly vul­ner­a­ble, and if you have a grand­par­ent or elder­ly rel­a­tive or neigh­bor, be sure to check in on them.

Arratola’s Gen­er­al Store is giv­ing out free lemon­ade this week. “Don’t walk a mile to get it,” said John Arra­to­la, “but if you’re in the neigh­bor­hood, stop by and cool off. We got a real good deal on lamb cut­lets this week.”

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Germaine and Wilbur County News Briefs

Girls Miss­ing at Dou­ble-T
    Estrel­la Luna, co-own­er of the Dou­ble-T Ranch report­ed to the Sheriff’s Depart­ment that two girls from the Juve­nile Facil­i­ty are miss­ing.
    Accord­ing to Luna, they didn’t show up for break­fast call on Sun­day morn­ing.
    “We checked their rooms,” said Luna, “and they were gone, along with back packs and win­ter cloth­ing.”
    Luna, and her part­ner, Cedar Ring, believe the girls will try to make their way to Bend, and asked Wilbur Coun­ty res­i­dents to not offer rides to high­way 20.
    Sheriff’s Deputy Shaun Hin­terteil agrees. “These girls may seem inno­cent, and they might bat their cute lit­tle eye­lash­es at you, but a lot of these kids are here for seri­ous offences which would be felonies if they were adults.”
    The girls had been on lock­down for the past week, and were in the news recent­ly after report­ed­ly see­ing the Wild­man near North Plains Junc­tion. Accord­ing to Luna, this pair of girls has been par­tic­u­lar­ly trou­ble­some.
    As minors the girls’ names have not been released.

Anoth­er Kid Miss­ing
    Chris­sy Plum report­ed to The Ger­maine Truth that her young goat, Gren­del, has dis­ap­peared, and asked local res­i­dents to be on the look­out.
    Gren­del, whom Chris­sy labeled “an expert escape artist” van­ished overnight on Fri­day.
    The Plums live out near Charlebois Cor­ners. Ten-year old Chrissy’s dad, Ed, is the biol­o­gy teacher at Old Paiute High School, and is advis­er to the 4-H goat club.