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The Germaine Truth is made up of over a dozen different websites representing different aspects of the fictional town of Germaine, Oregon. We realize that this might seem daunting at first. Just realize that most of the pages are auxilary to the story and you don’t have to read them all, or any of them, to enjoy the main story, which is contained in Susie Applegate’s blog. Think of the extra blogs as stuff to explore.

After you’ve caught up with the main story, be sure to check out some of the other supplementary webpages by using the navigation bar to your left. The most important of these is the the town newspaper, The Germaine Truth. Here you will find clues to the mysteries, as well as the everyday goings-on in Germaine and Wilbur County.

There’s enough reading here to spend several hours, so if you like it, bookmark this start page so you can come back again, or subscribe to our feed at the top of the left sidebar. Happy reading!

A good place to start is here:
Susie’s Blog: The Applegate Trail

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