Photo of Susie Applegate on the front of the main blog and The Applegate Trail by Sarah Lewis, ©2007, from stock.xchng.

Photo of Arlo Childers by from stock.xchng.

Photo of Madam Zorro by Melanie Ralph from stock.xchng.

Photos of Oregon’s Painted Hills and old barns used in The Applegate Trail by Duane Poncy & Patricia J. McLean.

Header Images:

Main Blog rodeo picture from stock.xchng.
Main Blog old buildings with snow from stock.xchng.
Main Blog other photos by Duane Poncy & Patricia J. McLean

The Applegate Trail header photo by Duane Poncy

Germaine Online headers from stock.xchng.

EcoSurvival Village art scanned by Duane Poncy. Front page image is from a painting by Robert Kohler.


Written by Duane Poncy and Patricia J. McLean
with assistance from Kathleen Ellyn

Radio Actors

Tsalagi Red is Duane Poncy
PattyJo Mack is Patricia J. McLean
Bertie Miller is Kathleen Ellyn

We’re still working on it.

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