susie’s back

by Susie Applegate

Shaherazade has been arriving at my front door two or three times a week, bubbling with enthusiasm. She has been great for my spirit, which has been in the dumps the past few months. Hence, the horrible neglect to my journaling. I’m not sure what that’s all about. I could blame it on the weather, which has been gray and wet. Autumn rain does very little good on the desert. The clouds just block the sunlight.
     Or maybe it’s that existential loneliness magnified by life in the expanse of unlimited horizons. Or a yearning which comes over me occasionally to be back among a coterie of like-minded journalists in some warm California clime.
     Then, Shaherazade comes in with a story about her family or school or something she’s read, and leaves with me smiling. I have decided to give her permission to write to this blog after the first of the year, so, dear readers, prepare for some delightful writing from my new apprentice.
     Most days I send her over to the Library, partly to read the old historical documents and catch up on the history of Wilbur County, but also to dig around in the archives for clues to the mysteries at the forefront of my curiosity. The current mystère du jour, of course, remains the fate of the Arlingtons. Shaherazade has found nothing yet to add to our base of knowledge on this subject, I must report.
     I think that Lucy is almost as enchanted by the girl as I am, and I have hopes that Shaherazade will eventually land a regular part-time job with the City Library. Lucy has been hounding the Council for months to pay for 15 hours per week in assistance. Of course that will have to wait a few years until Shaherazade is old enough. She is older than her years and I often forget she is only twelve.
     Anyway, I am feeling better, and I promise to get back to the chronicles of Germaine on a more regular basis, with the help of Shaherazade.

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